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Bas Brand CMO bij KWF

Bas Brand specializes in creating brand equity value, rationalizing portfolios, and aligning business strategies to drive sustainable growth. Bas has served as a consultant, executive coach, and leadership team member for established commercial companies, innovative start-ups, and ambitious non-profits.

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Bas Brand in Marketing Tribune
Bas Brand neemt namens KWF een cheque in ontvangst

“I am drawn to highly ambitious people, driven by curiosity and optimism.”

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Consultancy, interim management & executive coaching

Retail | FMCG | Financials | Public sector | Service providers | Foundations and associations | Media | Healthcare

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“A very creative mind that can think beyond the boundaries within which an organization is used to looking.”

“Bas has a contagious enthusiasm.”

“Bas is a pro-active, enthusiastic and professional senior with astrong commercial drive.”

“Bas makes us stretch as much as possible. He dares to ask the most critical questions.”

“A true firestarter.”

“Bas is analytical, result-oriented and decisive.”

“A lot of Business acumen!”

“Bas is very creative, positive, relaxed and result-oriented at the same time.”

“Additonal value is his extraordinary creativity.”

“Bas breaks through routines and dares to tackle underlying problems.”